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Self-drawn cartoon of Myself. Done in aflair of a moment, full of the creative mode.

Priscilla Tang, Bespoke Dog Portrait Artist, at your service.

“The essential function of art is moral. But a passionate, implicit morality, not didactic. A morality which changes the blood, rather than the mind.”

D. H. Lawrence

I’m a Native English speaker, with impeccable Queen’s English, spoken in a cute accent. Educated in a French Convent in a tropical country, born Malaysian-Chinese, tertiary education in The NUS, Singapore but who went on a sojourn of architectural work, as well as 20 years as a well-regarded Fashion Illustrator in both the US and HK. Then ended up here where I truly am meant for : Pet Portraits with human subjects (whom I would apply fashion-upticks to……and I know very well what I do to enhance, empower, and embrace the personas, aligned to the aspirations of my clients with their pups.

Megs’ even talking about Me! Check her out!

Do get to know more about me in these Pages and Blog Posts……. Have a grrrr-reat day!

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