My work to ease in your day

“There are three faithful friends – an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.”

Benjamin Franklin

Pastel Portrait SheepDog Charlize March 2018

My “mission”: Offering a means to ease your pain points in the course of your caring for your pet, you’d face. Or, to highlight the joy of having a loyal and faithful companion who seems to know when you are up or down in your mood.

The joy first. My work helps you to celebrate the lives of both you and your pet. Happy days are subtly captured, sunny, breezy, the two of you playing with him using his jaws feverishly on you but not for hurting. You with your hair all disheveled, laughing happily…. a moment in time, expressed on my watercolor portrait of you both.

Then when sadness inevitably comes, my portraits help to ease the pain.

Closures are facilitated, memories softened, they settle into a warm gentle mode……you’d see in my painting, that familiar sparkle in your friend’s eyes and suddenly you feel he is still with you in spirit even though you know too that he’s there in the grassy field prancing happily and freely with the angels.

Seasonal cards custom made with Your dog theme.

Or, where a relationship between a lass and a lad blooms, my work helps them express their feelings for each other more. and that’s of their pet, best of all!

My warm and cheerful portraits have wonderful roles to play in all dog owners and lovers’ lives……not to mention the marking of milestones in a family who has a beloved dog, or to celebrate historic matters and events – for posterity that will evoke, inspire and uplift spirits for many years or even generations to come.


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