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Photo references: They are imperative to my work. Photos not taken with flash. Need not be composed of the subjects, in other words, they can be separate, say one of the dog form 3 years ago plus one of the human subject currently living.

Of course I need to know how I could ease your pain point: as a gentle remembrance? Or a celebration of both you and your furbabe’s lives? Or would my work elicit a kind closure between you and your dog?


Jan 2020 A Charcoal rubbing of a Maltese named “LUNCH” Measures 10 x 12.5 ” Subject is a senior dog, a lost canine, who came in from a stormy night. He has a terror of thunder and lightning – a scaredy doggo but fine, otherwise. The owners were never found.

eg. “Raw” material; photos, here, blurry 🙁 that I had to work extra hard on…….

The “raw” material that I worked with for “SARAH & BLOSSOM” – All photos, Theese however had been blurry but I did my best

Yay! “Sarah & Blossom” turned out well!

What I had achieved: Notice her new touseled hair in the wind…..It DOES feel like a breezy day, doesn’t it? And a subtle make-over with a fashion-uptick on a smarter outfit of a blue suit and a clean white shirt with large collar.

That carefree, open-mouthed joy on Sarah’s face……also that sparkle in her eyes ,speak it all. It has a spontaneous, outdoorsy ambience to the whole joint portrait.

I nailed it.

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    1. “Lunch” literally came in from the cold, and rain, and thunder. Completely lost, disoriented, scared outa his wits… the storm outside. No tag, no collar with address, my sis and brother-in-law had to rescue him and hence adopted him. Lunch is not a young dog when he landed unto their household in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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