A good way to spend a cabin-bound day


Posting an ageless vintage movie of Lassie to you and your family. Cherish those days of wholesome values and attitudes…..can we ever be able to turn back the clock? I truly believe we can. Go ahead, spend some time enjoying the antics of a a much loved-dog and his “acting”: my staples during the 60’s when I was growing up with Bobby, my yellow buddy-mutt fren. I daresay Lassie played a part ( so did Bobby) to make me the wholesome person that I am till today. Hugs to all and grab some popcorn and a soda and get a front seat (sofa)………..

I’ve always knew that there can be love and understanding with Interspecies relationships. Let’s watch now……


Jon Provost and Lassie in publicity portrait for the television series ‘Lassie’, 1954. (Photo by CBS/Getty Images)

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