Learning for the wizened

A very nice morning to you! Still have you in the back burner of my mind, remembering where you all are at, needing safety and sustenance in hope, peace and grace, jz as I do! Here is something I, in serendipity, found. I think it’s also meant for every one of you. Yay! Demonstration ofContinue reading “Learning for the wizened”

2. Celebrate a Victory

Kayla and Flash, the award-winning Sheltie, both from a family living in South Carolina, US. Kayla is a self-trained leader in dog obedience and agility competitions (18 and under). She was only 18 years old when she led Flash to their second series of awards in theirtt National Championships. After the victories, Kayla browsed thoroughlyContinue reading “2. Celebrate a Victory”

These therapy heroes are working their waggy tails off to pitch in and make a difference to all who suffer at a time like this!


Looking to join in nationwide, online, super-adopt ‘furever-love’? A mustn’t miss!

https://bestfriends.org/blogs/2020/05/21/finding-love-online-humans-have-been-doing-it-years-why-not-cats-and-dogs?sf122907953=1 (author of the LinkedIn article: Julie Castle, CEO of BestFriends.org)

Latest innovative ideas of Zoom e-dog adoption. Yay!


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