This article is timely on how to help clingy pets cope when we return to work

Power-verse for today

“God is too good to be unkind and too wise to be mistaken. And when we cannot trace His hand, we have to trust His heart”. Prof John Lennox -Prof Emeritus Oxford University. Excerpt from his book, “Where is God in a Coronavirus World”.

Just launched my new website! Do take a peek….

I had wished it was happier times that I send this out to you but maybe, it actually IS the best time! Wishing everyone here comfort and assurance of better days to come. Meanwhile, enjoy some sweetness that I made here: some eye candy and the joy of dogs! Do drop me a line, please?Continue reading “Just launched my new website! Do take a peek….”

Can we have it both ways please?

We’re Loving Our Pets, But Not Each Other Millennials are struggling, people are starving… yet we have doggie bjorns Garrett Andrew Schneider Mar 20, 2019 · 5 min read Listen to this story –:– 8:29 Top highlight Nothing symbolizes the crises of our times quite like the doggie björn. Modeled on the Swedish front-facing over-the-shoulder baby carriers, theContinue reading “Can we have it both ways please?”

A good way to spend a cabin-bound day

MOVIE “LASSIE & THE DOVE” CHRISTMAS 1967 Posting an ageless vintage movie of Lassie to you and your family. Cherish those days of wholesome values and attitudes…..can we ever be able to turn back the clock? I truly believe we can. Go ahead, spend some time enjoying the antics of a a much loved-dog andContinue reading “A good way to spend a cabin-bound day”

Such I applaud and recommend

Do watch this movie with friends and family during this novel coronavirus period: “TOGO”, a true story about the heroics of a sled dog who made the difference against wintry icy mountainous odds to save a community thousands of miles away from death of an invasive disease. Togo did what humans were helpless to do…….asContinue reading “Such I applaud and recommend”

Update news from young dog-trainer client from South Carolina!

Kayla & adoring Flash Flash, still going on unstoppingly….. Young, promising dog-trainer, & fur-buddy, growing up together – such an authentic story of hope, aspirations of all things good that is so sweet to come back to, again and again……

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