More of my works….

Our very own GRETA THUNBERG in an historic moment: That reason to lift up our hopes high; for Greta, for you and me, for the whole world; is because we all have acommon dream. The harbinger of that truth is shown in this unusual but charming portrait: With Greta Thunberg, being the smiley face shownContinue reading “More of my works….”

How I work

Photo references: They are imperative to my work. Photos not taken with flash. Need not be composed of the subjects, in other words, they can be separate, say one of the dog form 3 years ago plus one of the human subject currently living. Of course I need to know how I could ease yourContinue reading “How I work”

My work to ease in your day

My “mission”: Offering a means to ease your pain points in the course of your caring for your pet, you’d face. Or, to highlight the joy of having a loyal and faithful companion who seems to know when you are up or down in your mood. The joy first. My work helps you to celebrateContinue reading “My work to ease in your day”

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