Can we have it both ways please?

We’re Loving Our Pets, But Not Each Other Millennials are struggling, people are starving… yet we have doggie bjorns Garrett Andrew Schneider Mar 20, 2019 · 5 min read Listen to this story –:– 8:29 Top highlight Nothing symbolizes the crises of our times quite like the doggie björn. Modeled on the Swedish front-facing over-the-shoulder baby carriers, theContinue reading “Can we have it both ways please?”

Such I applaud and recommend

Do watch this movie with friends and family during this novel coronavirus period: “TOGO”, a true story about the heroics of a sled dog who made the difference against wintry icy mountainous odds to save a community thousands of miles away from death of an invasive disease. Togo did what humans were helpless to do…….asContinue reading “Such I applaud and recommend”

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